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The Auricle  Christchurch, New Zealand, (group show)  5 – 28 February 2015


London – A Sonic Fragment is an ambitious group show that brings together contemporary sound artists congregating in London, England. Despite tough living conditions, for artists especially, the capital still attracts and fosters a rich sound art scene. Their sonic concerns are varied as they are broad, travelling across spaces: galleries, nightclubs, squat parties, academic institutions and site specific work. Sonic Fragment aims to provide a glimpse of the cross disciplinary activities and shifting terrain of sound art emanating from the capital. London's vibrant scene is installed into and pouring out of the Auricle. The exhibition is curated by London based artist Justyna Burzynska.


Disinformation / GPUD / Graham Dunning / Shelley Parker / Greta Pistaceci / Brown Sierra / Helen Frossi


Shelley Parker's Wall to Wall is constructed from a recording of maintenance work carried out onto the external wall of the artist's flat, the piece attached to The Auricle's external wall pounds out into the Auricle Wine and Sound Garden.


Conchita Perez  London (music for catwalk show film) September 2013




Conchita Perez is a London based fashion designer who has worked with designers including Alexander McQueen, Boudicca, Hardy Amies & Stevie Stewart (Body Map).


Art in Romney Marsh  All Saints Church Northfleet (sound installation) September 2012


Northfleet was a site specific sound installation interpreting the inherent sonic themes in the medieval church, All Saints, in Kent. The project explored the primordial and aspects of bass frequencies as a channel to the subconscious, addressing the key areas of transcendence, enlightenment and purity by instilling a visceral and immersive mode of experience. Northfleet was produced in response to the South Bank's Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment's performance of The Hythe by Judith Bingham. Northfleet draws direct reference from the Northfleet ship which sank off the Kent shores in 1873 drowning 293 people.  The bass notes of the church organ were played by the organist and recorded by the artist in the space. During the installation the notes were randomly generated to produce a composition free from music production effects and compositional constructs.


Nunhead Open 9 (Sound track to Gleams & Radiance by Louise Colbourne) September 2012


Jeff Keen, David Blandy, Ian Helliwell, Katy Dove, Louise Colbourne & Shelley Parker, Mordant Music, Zoe Brown, James Richards, Jim Hobbs & Dennis Mcnanny, Daniel Lehan, Sarah Doyle, Harriet Hill, Sarah Sparkes, Brian Mckenzie, Rachael Haines, Theresa Bottomley, Calum F. Kerr ...


Supernormal Festival Big Screen & Film Gallery Spectral (video) August 2012


Laure Provost, Mordant Music, Katy Dove, Vicki Thornton, Ian Helliwell, Shelley Parker, Jeff Keen, Matt Hulse, Louise Colbourne, David Blandy, Tracey Emin, Daniel Devlin, Keran James ...


Latitude Festival Big Screen & Film Gallery (Sound track to Gleams & Radiance by Louise Colbourne) July 2012


Saskia Olde Wolbers, Kate Street, Animated Abstractions, Oskar Fischinger, Harry Smith, Robert Breer, Katy Dove, Barry Murphy, Ian Helliwell, Jonny Voss, Ed Tannenbaum, Jeff Keen, Mordant Music, Shelley Parker & Louise Colbourne, Jasper Goodall, Emma Hart, Tim Simmons, Benedict Drew, Semiconductor, Conundrum ...


Space Studios Permacultures Artist Residency Programme February 2012 – 2013


The residency brief 'The Really Wild Show', culminated in an audio project on Dungeness Power Station produced in relation to "bass as a feral frequency": Current (March 2012, composition), The White Building (July 2012, performance), Spectral (August 2012, video). The 2 tracks Current & White Building were released in February 2013 on the Power Station EP on the label Structure. Spectral was screened at Supernormal Festival, August 2012.


Cornelius Cardew festival Morley College London Boiler House (sound installation) December 2011


Boiler House was a site specific sound installation at the Cornelius Cardew festival in conjunction with the South Bank at Morley College. Taking inspiration from Cardew's improvisational methods of generating music, the piece set in the lower operational levels of the building, responded to the architecture of the site and the accompanying network of utilities that activates the building. Using live audio feeds, recordings and low frequency pulses, the installation constructed an immersive re-imagining of Morley in keeping with the spirit of Cardew and the legacy of his work.


Hoxton Gallery New Lexicons of Dark London Vent Miles (sound piece) May 2011


Xoe Dorelli, The English Heretic, Martin Sexton, Leslie Goosey, Kevin Quigley, Andy Sharp, Jozef Van Wissem, Jeanne Madic, Guy Harries, Yumi Hara Cawkwell, Shelley Parker, Black Abba, Necro Deathmort, The Haxan Cloak, Spastic Burn Victim, Sloppy Seconds, Flight, Jo Thomas.


Event & exhibition programme exploring darkness in art & music curated by Kevin Quigley. Bringing forth a rich display of darkly secretive works in sound & image with over 50 artists taking part. Setting out to create a haunting landscape in live music / visual works / live art / debate - evoking the divine darkened world that lurks in the soul and minds of all things.


De la Warr Pavilion John Cage retrospective Bird Cage (sound installation) April 2011


Charles Atlas, Charlie Hooker, Cybraphon, Felix's Machines, Felix Thorn, Found Collective, Laura Kuhn, Mira Calix, Margaret Leng Tang, Mount Kimbie, Shelley Parker, Steve Beresford, Stewart Lee, Tania Chen, Void Vector, Yoko Ono


The Hayward touring exhibition Every Day is a Good Day was the first major retrospective in the UK of the visual art of the American composer and artist John Cage. To sit alongside this exhibition the De La Warr Pavilion presented 'A Nod to Cage', a rolling programme of artists' projects that responded to Cage's work. Sourcing inspiration from John Cage's piece 'Bird Cage' (1972), the project set out to examine elements of chance, texture, repetition and social space using sound in a site-specific context. Bird Cage sonically compromised of a real time live feed picking up external sound sources, for example, seagulls, sea and traffic from the roof of the pavilion. In the gallery space stood a monolith of speakers streaming the live feed alongside layers of continuous bass drones and pulses of low end frequencies.


Sound Fjord Exquisite Corpse London (group exhibition) April 2011


In April 2010, in the run up to opening, SoundFjord devised a plan for an exhibition populated by artists' works created using the 'Exquisite Corpse' model as a point of departure. The Exquisite Corpse is a method made popular by the Surrealists, and is similar to Consequences, the old parlour game. Words, images or sounds are collectively assembled in a specific way, using rules set in advance, where one is only allowed to see/hear the last section/measure of what was previously contributed. This exhibition documents the works produced, and finally, reveals the artists who worked on the project anonymously.


Lido Projects St Leonards The Dance Card Suicide (group exhibition) August 2010


Becky Beasley, Jacqui Hallum, Maggie Hambling, Gerard Hemsworth, Max Hymes, Christopher Owen, Shelley Parker, Alan Rankle & Kirsten Reynolds, Giles Round, Emily Jo Sargent, Dylan Shipton, Terry Smith, Oliver Tanner, Amanda Thesiger, Mark Titchner, Stella Vine, Sophie von Hellermann, Richard Webb, Laetitia Yhap


Suicide is an image from the Emotions Electric series. The photograph is a large scale colour C-type print in a matt black tray frame. The production methods behind the image draws parallels from musical techniques pioneered by late seventies experimental industrial artists focusing on audio manipulation, processing and compression. The densely saturated red image is a photograph of Alan Vega, from the proto-punk band Suicide, kneeling on stage during a performance at the Astoria in 2002.


Sound Fjord Dragon Fly Festival Sweden Masquerade (group exhibition) August 2010


Sourcing inspiration from old school hardcore and its relationship with found sound, Masquerade has been constructed from field recordings made in India. The main voices are tropical bird song and howling feral dogs coupled with distorted sixties funk drum samples and manipulated low end bass frequencies. Masquerade was released on the STRUC01CD on the label Structure (March 2011).


Victoria & Albert Museum London Cold War Modern Cast (sound installation) October 2008


An evening celebrating the exhibition Cold War Modern: Design (1945-1970), Shelley Parker, created Cast – an emotive and atmospheric sound scape of field recordings and sounds responding to the notions of myth, religion and authenticity inferred by the casts to evoke a feeling of post-apocalyptic future in the V&A's Cast Courts.


CT Editions Man-Made London Consume (sound installation) October 2008


Man-Made was a curated project by CT Editions exploring consumer relationships with man made commodities. Based in the West End during the four days of Frieze, Man-Made presented and sold identical multiples of one object each day. Design historian Emily King selected an item for sale, whilst performance artist Oriana Fox responded to Man-Made with a performance entitled Material Girl and a site specific sound installation entitled Consume from Shelley Parker ran in the space for four days. Taking influence from the desire to consume, the piece was a sonic composite of recordings made from the industrial, erratic sounds recorded in  central London's busy shopping area.