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Nov 2018 Red Cotton EP (Hessle Audio)


Oct 2018 Endgame – Anthems for an Obsolete Future (Towards Collapse)


July 2018 Soundcheck EP (Structure)


Feb 2018 Second Storey – Covehithe (Shelley Parker remix) (Houndstooth)


Oct 2016  Strip Silence – Loose Lips


May 2016  Martyn Hare - Stealth Attack (Shelley Parker remix) (Emetic)


Dec 2015  Traffic - When suddenly the Ground shakes...the Blackbird in me coming out. Christina Nemec compilation (Comfortzone)


June 2015 Catch - New Labour compilation (Opal Tapes)


June 2015 Ghost in the Machine Music mixtape (Graham Dunning)


Dec 2014 Apiary - Fractal Meat Cuts Vol 01 compilation (Adaadat)


Nov 2014 Spectral – 14tracks compilation (Boomkat)


Sep 2014 Spurn Point (Structure)


Sep 2014 Restrictions - Life between Screens, Manni Dee compilation (WotNot)


April 2014 Asphalt - Iugeri-Sonus-IV (Acre Recordings)


Aug 2013 Drill - Wire Magazine (Below The Radar Vol 14)


July 2013 Anvil - Iugeri-Sonus-III (Acre Recordings)


Mar 2013 Sleeper Line (Entr'acte)


Feb 2013 Power Station (Structure)


July 2012 Sebastian Elikowski-Winkler - Bis als letzter der Zeugen das GedŠchtnis verstummt (Shelley Parker remix) (Entr'acte)


April 2011 Party Trash - Kings (Shelley Parker remix) (Party Trash)


Mar 2011 Masquerade (Structure)


Mar 2011 Cast (Filter Feeder remix) (Structure)


Mar 2011 Nintendo Love (Scanone remix) (Structure)


Dec 2010 Filter Feeder - Shopping (Shelley Parker remix) (Entr'acte)


May 2009 Gareth Whitehead - When you Believe (Shelley Parker remix) (Bulletdodge)


Aug 2008 Posthuman - The Disease (Shelley Parker remix) (Myzyuk)