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13 January, Edited Arts presents Futureshock at New River Studios (live set)

w/Shiva Feshareki, Typeface, Ario, William Primett É

10 Feb - 11 Feb, ICA, Basic Tension by Jamila Johnson-Small (music)

3rd May, La Manutention with Jamila Johnson-Small at Palais de Tokyo, Paris (live set)

5th May – 12th May 2018, residency at Siobhan Davies Dance Studios

27th May Shoreditch Studios, Block UniverseFuryz by Jamila-Johnson Small (music)

9th June 2018 Somerset House Music Hackspace / Scramble Everything (live set)

w/ Ewa JustkaEvol, Dale Cornish, Jayson Haebich



19th October, Fierce Festival, Mac Birmingham, (music)

ÒI ride in colour and soft focus, no longer anywhereÓ by Jamila Johnson-Small

7th October, Broken Sonics Basement Session, Moustache Bar (DJ set)

w/Radioactive Man, TVO, Production Unit, Spatial, Tengui,

3rd October, Koko, Draf – David Roberts Art Foundation 10th Anniversary party, Frieze (music)

19 August, New River Studios Midi-Drums Compositions release party by Jaxson Payne (live set)

w/Jaxson Payne, Graham Dunning, Morten Norbye Halvorsen, Steph Horak

17 August, ICA, ÒBasic TensionÓ by Jamila Johnson-Small (music)

1 July, Whitechapel Arts Night, St Olaves Church curated by Uta Kogelsberger & Atau Tanaku (live set)

w/Nathalia, Atau Tanaka, Tom Richards, Dane Law, xname

15 June – July 1st, Remnants theatre production by Erratica, Print Room /Coronet Nottinghill Gate (composer/sound design)

3 June, Turner Contemporary, Margate, Oscillate Festival & Daphne Oram/PRS awards ceremony (live set)

28 April, Marian Goodman Gallery, preview performance of Remnants theatre production (composer/sound design)

27 April, Oxford Contemporary Music, preview performance of Remnants theatre production (composer/sound design)


17 December, Tamesis Dock boat w/ Noel Watson (DJ set)

8 Oct & 9 Oct, Rich Mix, (music)

ÒI ride in colour and soft focus, no longer anywhere.Ó by Jamila Johnson-Small,

7 Oct, Happened 000, New River Studios (live set)

27 August, Berlin Atonal (live set)

29 July, Preview night for Remnants theatre production, Print Room (composer/sound design)

21 July, Amersham Arms (live set)

9 July, Trip Space, London (live set)

18 June, Art from Elsewhere, Arnolfini, Bristol (live set)

18 May, Them, Radar Radio (live set)

2 May, Amersham Arms, Screening & Braking : Navigating Acceleration Conference (Goldsmiths University) (live set)

29 Feb, Null + Void, KMAH Radio (DJ set)


11 December, London Contemporary Music Festival, Ambika P3, (live set)

27 November, Apiary Studios (live set)

Leslie Deere, Tom Richards, Tom Mudd, Graham Dunning

14 November, Towards Collapse, Power Lunches (live set)

C Mantle, Huron, Microbes, Metalogue, DVNT, DJ Bin Fetish

6 November, Plex / Bleed / Them, Corsica Studios (live set)

Manni Dee, The Sprawl, Paula Temple, Dronelock, Objekt, Ancient Methods ...

23 October, Rye Wax,  (live set)

Victor Mazon, Airsilk, Toni Quiroga, Personal Mythologies

1 October, Ghost in the Machine Music, New River Studios (live set)

Leslie Deere, Tom Mudd, Graham Dunning, Tom Richards

26 August, CafŽ Oto & Bleed (live set)

w/ Alessandro Cortini, Sean Canty

6 June, Reactor Halls E16: Ghost in the Machine Music, Nottingham (live set)

Leslie Deere, Tom Mudd, Graham Dunning, Tom Richards

23 April, Test Dept Total State Machine Book Launch Event, Ritzy Cinema, Brixton (DJ set)

26 March, Whitechapel Gallery, 'Spin the Signs' curated by writer-in-residence Caroline Bergvall, London (live set)

Adam Parkinson, Mariam Razaei, Manni Dee

14 March, Borealis Contemporary Music Festival, Bergen, Norway (DJ set)

w/ Lucy Railton, Russel Haswell

19 February, Milk & Lead Gallery, 'Deliquium', Electrowerkz, London (live set)

FM Einheit, Deutsch Nepal, FZV, Codez Europa ...

5 – 28 February, The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery, 'London - A Sonic Fragment' group exhibition, New Zealand (sound installation)

Graham Dunning, Disinformation, GPUD, Greta Pistaceci, Brown Sierra, Helen Frossi

2 January, Linear Space, The Alibi, London (DJ set)

w/ Chloe Frieda, Debonair


12 December, The Outer Church, The Waiting Room, London

Pye Corner Audio, Old Apparatus, Marcus Scott

27 November, Alien Jams (NTS Radio), CafŽ Oto, London (DJ set)

Shapednoise, Ommm, Design a Wave

11 November, Numbers Broadcast, Future FM (DJ set)

8 November, 10 years of Combat, Combat Recordings, Power Lunches, London

7 November, Sound of Stockholm Contemporary Music and Sound Art festival, Sweden

w/ Alekis Perala, Fennesz

17 October, Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival (studio set for LUFF radio), Switzerland

4 October, Musica Dispersa, The Castle, London (DJ set)

20 September, Launch party for Life Between Screens compilation by Manni Dee on Wotnot label, Whirled Cinema, London

Wanda Group , Memotone, U, Fuewa ...

19 September, Strefa Monotype, Centre for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw

Giuseppe Ielasi, Dieb 13, Chra (Christina Nemec)

14 September, CafŽ Oto in collaboration with Dear Serge, De la Warr Pavilion, Bexhill

Oren Ambarchi + Johan Berthling, lll, Rie Nakajima, Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides

28 August, Flussi Media Arts Festival, Avellino, Italy,

Clock DVA, Demdike Stare, Roly Porter,  Laurel Halo, Rashad Becker, B/B/S/, Sculpture, Lumisokea, Nicola Ratti ...

21 June, Aestival Sound Art & Music Festival, The Hive Project, Hackney Wick, London

1 June, Alien Jams, NTS Radio, London

16 May, CafŽ Oto, London,

John Edwards + Mark Sanders + John Wall, Theo Burt (Automatics Group), Mark Durgan, Lee Gamble

19 February, Alien Jams (NTS Radio), Catch, London

Ommm, Joane Skyler, Reverie

24 January, Lost Control, Kraak Gallery, Manchester (DJ set)


29 November, H: The One And A Half Woman Show, Pit Theatre, Barbican (soundtrack)

24 November, Sunday Salon, Apiary Studios, London, Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone NTS Radio

3 November, The Outer Church, La Casa Encendida, Madrid

w/ Joseph Stannard, Pye Corner Audio

18 October, Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone, NTS Radio, London (live set)

16 October, London College of Communication, University of the Arts (guest lecture as part of the practitioners series aired on Resonance FM)

13 September, Conchita Perez Fashion Show, London (DJ set)

4 September, EAVI, Amersham Arms, London,

Ryan Jordan, Tom Richards, DMT, Matthew Yee King, Mick Grierson, Man with Feathers

22 August, CafŽ Central, Brussels,

John Wall, Stacks, Allon Kaye, Jan Matthe, Thierry Burnhout

10 August, Noise=Noise vs Abject Bloc, Regent Studios, London, 

Roberto Crippa, Jac Beloeil, Luke Younger

27 July, Noise=Noise vs Klub V.E.B. Regent Studios, London (DJ set)

VIY, Ryan Jordan, Luke Jordan, Codex Europa, Sz Berlin, Echoes ...

19 June, Sleeper Line EP Launch Party, Stadslimiet, Antwerp, w/ Roman Hiele

6 May, Hydroacoustics, MS Stubnitz, London, Zoviet France, Helm, Roly Porter, Forward Strategy Group, TVO, Jamka, Paul Prudence ...

7 April, Mor Ho! Red Gallery, London, Jamka, NPN, Pjoni

7 March, Drone Planes over Westfield, VSR, London, Robin Bale, John Wild, Ryan Jordan, Tim Goldie


10 December, Power Lunches, London   w/ Kostis Kilymis, Dale Cornish

24 November, Reworks, Cambridge   John Wall, Lee Gamble, Dave Gaskarth

23 October, Abject Bloc Radio on Resonance FM (live set)

30 August, Radeq radio broadcast project, Soundfjord, London (live set)

27 July, NTS Radio, London, Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone (interview)

14 July, Space, The White Building, London  Filter Feeder, Robin Bale, Jamka, Caleb Madden

9 June, De la Warr Pavilion, Bexhill  Chris & Cosey,  Nic Bullen, Ekoplekz, Lorrie Jayne Evans, Russell Haswell, Helm, Evol, Robert Curgenven

3 June, Aldeburgh Art Festival

3 May, NoiseFloor Festival, Stafford


24 November, Barbican Lates: Off Modern (OMA/Progress), London

14 October, MSPS, Lousiana, USA   Eli Kezler / Mark Fell / Tim Hecker / Simon Whetham ...

6 October, Ill FM, The Others, London

30 September, De la Warr Pavilion, Warhol is Here, Bexhill

20 August, Bold Tendencies 5, NCP Car Park London  Mick Harris, Mark Fell

31 July, A Study for an Exhibition of Violence, Flat Time House, London

30 May, New Lexicons of Dark, London

26 May, Structure CD Launch, The Waiting Room, London   Filter Feeder, Ryan Jordan

5 May, Noise = Noise, Performance Space, London

22 April, De la Warr Pavilion, A Nod to Cage, Bexhill