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13 – 30 April 2011, Exquisite Corpse, Sound Fjord, London


In April 2010, in the run up to opening, SoundFjord devised a plan for an exhibition populated by artists' works created using the 'Exquisite Corpse' model as a point of departure. The Exquisite Corpse is a method made popular by the Surrealists, and is similar to Consequences, the old parlour game. Words, images or sounds are collectively assembled in a specific way, using rules set in advance, where one is only allowed to see/hear the last section/measure of what was previously contributed. This exhibition documents the works produced, and finally, reveals the artists who worked on the project anonymously.


20 – 21 August 2010, Sound Fjord's sonic art programme at The Dragonfly Festival, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Sourcing inspiration from old school hardcore and its relationship with found sound, Masquerade has been constructed from field recordings made in India. The main voices are tropical bird song and howling feral dogs coupled with distorted sixties funk drum samples and manipulated low end bass frequencies.



Masquerade (released on Structure STRUC01CD March 2011)