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18 May 2016, live set for Them on Radar Radio,

17 October 2014, live set for LUFF FM & LYL Radio, Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival, Switzerland

28 August 2014, live set at Flussi Festival, Avellino, Italy

24 November 2013, live set at Apiary Studios, Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone NTS radio live event, London

3 November 2013, live set at The Outer Church, La Casa Encendida, Madrid (Joseph Stannard / Pye Corner Audio)

18 October 2013, live set on NTS radio, Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone, London

22 August 2013, live set at Entr'acte, Cafˇ Central, Brussels

6 May 2013, live set at Hydroacoustics, MS Stubnitz, London (Zoviet France, Roly Porter, TVO + Forward Strategy Group, Helm, Paul Prudence ...)

2 May 2012, live set at NoiseFloor Festival, Stafford University

NoiseFloor festival: "Below is a recording of Shelley's excellent live set from the May 2012 festival. The festival itself attempts to draw together music which is composed around beats as a primary compositional element and music which is based around composing with texture and gesture as formative elements. This live set sums up the ideology of the festival in one single recording."

The performance "Frequency" drew inspiration from the history of Stafford's connection to the beginnings of early British rave culture. Its direct reference is to a live performance by Altern 8 recorded in the car park of Shelley's Lazerdrome nightclub in Stafford in 1991. The recording was pressed on to the B side of the Altern 8 track "Frequency" by their record label Stafford North. Employing stripped down percussive extracts and minimal abstract noise sourced from early hardcore tracks and field recordings alongside cyclical bass pulses, "Frequency" not only addresses the site-specific sonic heritage of Stafford but also emerging technological processes. Presented as a concentrated listening piece, without the audience's expectation to dance implicit within club culture, "Frequency" is intended as a reductive rendering of this era of British bass history and its legacy within contemporary electronic music.

20 August 2011, live set at Bold Tendencies 5, London (Mark Fell / Mick Harris / Tom Richards / Vasco Alves ...)

31 July 2011, live set at Flat Time House (A Study for an Exhibition of Violence in Contemporary Art), London

Study for an Exhibition of Violence in Contemporary Art originally took place at the ICA in 1964. It was made up almost entirely of photographic reproductions categorised by titles such as 'Violence as Direct Expression' which foresaw the destructive and auto-destructive actions. In April 2011 curator Mathieu Copeland included a photocopied 'bootleg' of the ICA exhibition at the David Roberts Art Foundation which were temporarily housed at Copeland's exhibition at Flat Time House (24th June - 31st July 2011). Alongside were presented works that could be seen as a study of violence in music and art. At the launch, Shelley Parker performed a live set devised specifically for this exhibition.