PROJECTS 2020 – 2022


Mar 2022 DJ set for Martha on NTS Radio

Mar 2022 8 track album Wisteria out on Hypercolour Records (Digital / vinyl)

Dec 2021 Why does it feel? Remixed by Josh Anio Grigg + Hydra Phasing film score for Jamila Johnson-Small Art Now: Darkness into Darkness Tate Britain

Sep 2021 Let the Body performance w/Fernanda Munoz-Newsome, Jamila Johnson-Small, Nissa Nishikawa at Nottingham Contemporary

Apr 2021 Heliotrope remix for Barberís Green on Random Modulation Records

Dec 2020 Wall to Wall released on Structure Recordings

Nov 2020 MRI Song co-written and produced with Le Volume Courbe, Fourteen Years EP released on Honest Jonís

Oct 2020 Live set for online festival Tusk fringe 

Oct 2020 Let the Body performance at Happening Festival, Florence w/ Fernanda Munoz-Newsome

Sep 2020 Score for Sophie Leeís video installation Ziwzih-Ziwzih-OO-OO-OO at Kunstfort, Netherlands

Sep 2020 Tramadol Roll released on Endorphins compilation by Edited Arts

Sep 2020 Score for Remnants theatre production released on Soundworlds podcast

Aug 2020 Music for graduation dance students with Jamila Johnson-Small for the London Contemporary Dance School

Jul 2020 Let the Body released on vinyl for OOH Sounds with Peder Mannerfelt on B side

May 2020 Induction included on R&S compilation In order to Care

Apr 2020 Music for Jamila Johnson-Small for Basic Tension Wire Magazine mix

Feb 2020 Live set at Towards Collapse (Ten years of Chaos Theory)

Feb 2020 ICA - The Tender Interval: Let the Body performance with dancers Fernanda Munoz-Newsome, Nissa Nishikawa